Most of us can never keep our New Years resolutions.  Why?  This happens because most of us try to make self improvement changes through will power alone.  It then becomes an inner struggle between the conscious will and the programming of the subconscious mind.  In the end, it's the programming of the subconscious mind that always wins.

That is why self-hypnosis can give you the key mental advantage that can make achieving your goals easier than you ever dreamed possible.  Self-hypnosis rewires the neural pathways in the brain.  It does this by creating and strengthening the pathways conducive to the new desired behavior, and weakening the old detremental pathways conducive to bad habit patterns.

Click or tap on the cover of my e-book, Self-Hypnosis, the Complete Course, to download a free sample or purchase for just $7.99 (the price of a lunch at most fast-food restaurants).  This course consists of both written and audio material.  Learning effective self-hypnosis is easy because you will actually learn it as you listen to the audio inductions -- you learn through hypnosis itself!  To access the audio, you will need a Google password; all you have to do is go to Google and sign on -- takes about two minutes.  You can then download the audio inductions and save them as MP3's to your mobile device or WAV files to your computer or CD.  Within a day or so, you will be doing your own self-hypnosis.  You will also learn how to make your own effective self-hypnosis recordings that you can use whenever you want!

You will be amazed when you see how self-hypnosis can empower you!